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Glenn Beck does NOT support the TikTok ban. Here's why

Glenn Beck does NOT support the TikTok ban. Here's why

Congress is debating a bill that would force the Chinese company that owns TikTok to either divest from the app or face a TikTok ban in America.

While the app itself has likely changed an entire generation for the worse, Glenn Beck is not a fan of the bill.

After going over the bill line by line with Chip Roy, who co-sponsored the bill, and Thomas Massie, who opposes it — Glenn says “there’s some disturbing things in there.”

One part of the bill is called “The Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act,” which sounds good at face value but extends far beyond apps.

“Individual websites could also be seized,” Glenn says, pointing out that the term "foreign adversary" is a little vague.

“We have been accused of being controlled by Russia, Israel,” Glenn says.

Stu agrees, noting that in the section where the bill tries to define “foreign adversary,” the writers not only mention Chinese government-owned companies — or Chinese foreign nationals who report to the Chinese Communist Party — but also U.S. citizens who are “controlled by a foreign entity.”

According to the bill, a U.S. citizen could be “determined by the President to be a present threat to the National Security of the United States,” and thus in violation of the bill.

“Last year, we’ve heard ‘election deniers are a threat to our democracy.’ Vaccine deniers, Christian nationalists, climate deniers, all of these are a threat to National Security,” Glenn explains.

While those for the bill claim it would never be used against American citizens, Glenn isn’t so sure about that.

“This is all the stuff they said about the Patriot Act. It’ll never be used against you,” Glenn says, adding, “all they have to do is change the definition of extremist, and they can absolutely turn this on you.”

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